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John Hogeruis's hosts informatoin on various projects for Model "T"'s, including LaddieCon and DLPilot, which emulate the Tandy Portable Disk Drive for Windows & Palm devices.

NADSBox project:

Ken Pettit's NADSBox is the most revolutionary add-on one can get for their Model "T" since the Tandy Portable Disk Drive was originally released! How about a "New Age Digital Storage" SD Card Drive for Model 100 and compatible? Read about this wonderful device, you won't regret it.

ReMem & Rex:

Stephen Adolph's Remem2V2 & Rex memory/flash expansion devices give you the most you can get out of your Model "T", all self contained inside your laptop.

Various other sites:

Potent Portables: NEC PC-8201A (Resurrected) -- David Firth started this site back in the late 1990s. It contains some very unique and in-depth technical information not found on other NEC web sites. Potent Portables has moved from GeoCities to Web8201, and we are very proud to be the steward of this fine collection of information. Thank you David!
GM4JJJ Software, Moon tracking program for both the NEC & Model 100.
Terry Cox's NEC 8201a projects -- Terry has modified his 8201s in many amazing & useful ways. The guy is a hardware genius! He's added custom memory, created an internal ROM image bank, created an external disk drive to hook up to the NEC (utilizing which is a single-board DOS PC packaged up in a box with a 1.44mb 3.5" floppy drive).
Currently Terry's NEC pages are offline, but may be back at some point.
Dave's Old Computers - NEC 8201/8300 history
Daniel Cohen's NEC-Notebooks Site
Uncle Roger's NEC PC-8201A Page
NEC PC-8201a at
Obsolete Computer Museum's NEC 8201a Page
Jeff's Computer Haven - 8201a Page

Palmheads - Tandy102 Page
Bob's Model T Software Page
Portable AA battery powered PCMCIA flash card storage for Tandy M102
The "Electric Blue" Tandy 102 case mod
Ira Goldklang's TRS-80 Revived Site
The Model 100 Legacy Pages
Walden Interactive
M100 Projects Page
Rob Scott's Ramblings/Geeks Inc. - Vintage Laptop Section
Web 100 - Originally by Andy Diller, this mirror preserves an amazing collection of useful M100 information.
Obsolete Computer Museum, Model 100 page
Large Microscope Photo of 8085
Tandys Donated to African Journalists
Jo Campbell’s article on using the M100 in Africa
Bill Gates and the TRS-80 Model 100
Kyotronic clones page, at
CompuServe's Vintage Computing Forum

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