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Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard missed his second game
in a row due to his second concussion of the 2019 season Corey Ballentine Jersey Draft , but Shepard said things would be going differently if it were up to him.Shepard practiced with no-contact protections last week before being ruled out for the Giants’ loss to the Cardinals. He told Art Stapleton of that he felt ready to play, but didn’t get cleared and doesn’t know if that’s going to change before the Giants play the Lions this week.“I’m just leaning [on the advice of what is said] medically, and I’m going to listen to my body,” Shepard said. “I know what my body is supposed to feel like, and when I feel like I’m ready to come back Corey Ballentine NFL Jersey , then I’ll come back. But, I’ve been feeling that way for two weeks. It’s kinda them just protecting me from myself, I guess you can say, but I’m trying to get back as soon as possible, and just waiting to hear their thoughts.”Those thoughts will determine if the Giants get Shepard back this week or if they’ll have to snap their losing streak without their top wideout. “It’s Dwayne Haskins or bust” if the New York Giants want a quarterback at No. 6 overall in the 2019 NFL Draft. That’s what highly-respected draft analyst Tony Pauline [] said during a visit to the ‘Valentine’s Views’ podcast.“There’s no other quarterback that ranks with Haskins right now Corey Ballentine NFL Draft ,” Pauline said. “I thought Daniel Jones entering the Senior Bowl had an opportunity to really boost his draft stock the way we’ve seen in the past with Senior Bowl quarterbacks such as Baker Mayfield, Carson Wentz, Philip Rivers ... I don’t think Daniel Jones did that.”Here are some of the other things Pauline touched on:The No. 6 pick does not need to be a quarterback: “Not if there is a guy like Quinnen Williams, God forbid, falls into the Giants lap at No. 6 ... You want to fill needs Corey Ballentine Buffalo Bills Jersey , but if you continue to fill needs by taking sub-par players or players rated much lower than the ones who are available to you you look back with regret. Sometimes those players you passed on turn out to be absolute stars and you filled needs with a bunch of mediocre players.”You can’t judge a draft class immediately: “People get all crazy over the draft results after draft weekend is over, but all they amount to is names on a piece of paper. What happens is the coaching process and the development process really is as important if not more important than the players that you select ... it’s a matter of developing that talent.”On what to expect from 2018 supplemental draft pick Sam Beal: “Beal’s got a lot of physical talent, but he needs a lot of work on his game. He struggles making plays with his back to the ball, which is common place in a lot of college cornerbacks ... Beal’s a physical talent who’s really got to develop into the position.”Please give the show a listen below.Where to subscribeYou can find and subscribe to Big Blue View radio from the show’s home page.You can find all the shows on our Big Blue View Radio Hub Page.You can also find the shows and subscribe on all your favorite podcast apps:Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Pocket Casts | Spotify | Stitcher | RSSFinally, be sure to check out the home page for all of the shows across the expanding Vox Media Podcast Network.
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Forums > NEC PC-8401 / PC-8500 Laptop Computers > Tech-Programming > Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard missed his second game

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