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the Patriots have heard nothing from the NFL
The Dolphins were expected to cut quarterback Ryan Tannehill Andrew Van Ginkel Miami Dolphins Jerseys , but they managed to get something for him — and Tannehill agreed to take a lot less money from the Titans than the Dolphins were slated to pay him.Tannehill gets a guaranteed $7 million from the Titans this season, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports. Tannehill could earn incentives of more than $12 million, although if all goes according to plan in Tennessee, Tannehill won’t be earning those incentives because he’ll be on the sideline while Marcus Mariota plays.Under his old contract, Tannehill was slated to make $18.75 million from the Dolphins this season. It was clear the Dolphins weren’t going to pay that Miami Dolphins Jerseys 2019 , and many thought they would release him. Miami had to be pleased that it could get anything at all for Tannehill, something that could only happen because Tannehill agreed to the big pay cut to facilitate the trade.The trade that sends Tannehill to Tennessee will net the Dolphins a fourth-round draft pick next year. The teams are also swapping late-round picks this year, with a 2019 seventh-round pick going to Miami and a 2019 sixth-round pick going to Tennessee. On Sunday, we explained that Antonio Brown directly controlled his ability to play in his first game with the Patriots. That continues to apparently be the case, but like everything else with Brown it’s subject to change.Ian Rapoport of the NFL reports that the Patriots have heard nothing from the NFL suggesting that Brown wouldn’t be allowed to play.Brown has practiced on Wednesday and Thursday Andrew Van Ginkel Jersey nfl draft , his frozen feet have fully thawed, and from a football standpoint the question was, and still is, whether he has gotten sufficiently familiarity with the playbook and comfortable in the offense.Still, if the NFL doesn’t want the man who has overshadowed Season 100 on the field Youth Andrew Van Ginkel Jersey , he won’t be. The only question is whether the league nudges the Patriots to not play him, or whether the NFL simply shuts him down by placing him on the Commissioner-Exempt list.Meanwhile, Brown still doesn’t have a number — which is odd since Marshall Newhouse, added to the team after Brown, does.
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Forums > The Lobby > General > the Patriots have heard nothing from the NFL

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