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Web8201's NEC 8201A / 8300 File Collection This is the official Web8201 collection of NEC file downloads. It is a combination of programs I've come across over the years both for the NEC machines specifically, or for the Model 100 that have been converted, as well as some of my own creations. Some of them even run on both the Model 100 and NECs, so there might be something of interest to you even if you don't have an NEC. If you have anything that you would like to contribute, just contact me at my email address noted on the home page and I'll be happy to get it posted here for everyone to enjoy.

Club 100's Library Club 100's Library - Mirror - All Club 100 files available from their ftp site are also available here. This is a huge library for the Model 100, with 1307 files total. Many thanks to Rick Hanson for putting this unique collection of files together over the years, which originally started on the Club 100 BBS.

The M100SIG Library Collection of files from the now non-existant Model 100 "SIG" (Special Interest Group). This is a gigantic library, with 4136 files totalling over 23 megabytes. The entire archive is also packaged up into a single M100SIG.ZIP for the convenience of you high-bandwidth internet enthusiasts.

NEC 8401A / 8500 File Collection If you own one of the NEC PC-8401A Starlets or the PC-8500, here is a collection of files specific to your CP/M-based computer.

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