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Path of Exile: How To Improve Your DPS?
If your character is WickedWander, and your tooltip is showing 27k DPS, you have taken a few more damage nodes that most WindRipper builds seem to take. Any ideas where you can get more damage? Unless you can spend a lot of PoE Currency cheap on your gear.

Most of the bow nodes you have taken are scaling phys damage which windripper does little to none of. I would respec out of those and go for more jewel sockets with base ele dmg/multi/life (also get a stygian vise for an additional socket). Also, the +2 helm enchant is actually a huge dps increase due to the overlap. I would also consider point blank. Let's review the whole story and get cheap PoE Currency purchase from us.

From a quick look:
● You can 20%q your Dying Sun and Jade Flask for some more stability in your power.
● You can 20%q your gems for a substantial increase in damage.
● You could change your belt to a Stygian Vise with a WED prefix.
● Changing your Jade Flask to an "Alchemist's Jade Flask of Reflexes" and putting the "of Heat" suffix on your Diamond Flask instead would, hopefully, allow you to drop Grace for Wrath. Get a level 21 version of that if possible.
● Devoto's Devotion is decent, but I don't think it's optimal considering Searching Eyes. I'd personally drop it for a 2 socketed Lightpoacher. The movement speed lost there can be made up with onslaught jewels, or resistances so you don't need that suffix on your Quicksilver (assuming you do), which you could then swap for Adrenaline.

Although that will probably lower your DPS, you might want to stick an Increased Critical Strikes on your clear skill, more crit = more shatters = more loot. Once all that is done, if you feel comfortable in not needing a life flask, you could get more damage there (Atziri's, or Vinktar's if you feel you need the leech).
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