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Every morning
Every morning, when I wake up and open the sleep goddess, I am happy, and my eyes open, I will start to open it: Hey! Hello! Bless you, Xiao Yueyue, good health, eat Boxiang, and quickly baptize, Shu Yuan is happy, happy and beautiful, the potential is increasing, the wealth is soaring, and the life is harvested for 24 hours. I am very happy to be happy. I will be happy in the day. Ignite the firecrackers in the heart, let the vehicles drive out of the window, sell early, children go to school, share bicycles to pay, run and walk... between the shackles, a series of bursts, joyful; wow thiophene, welcome a new day, will not smash the sun, make it yin The sun is lacking, and the cold and warm one knows that a voice is calling: "The body is the capital of the revolution!" The great man has a strong health declaration, like the sky lightning, once upon a time, in the land of China, all Chinese people, "developing sports, strengthening the people's physical fitness" Brushing, exercising and slogging, all kinds of labor numbers are shocking, all kinds of medical research are shirtless, urban villages, hills and jungles, no lazy people are cool; soon, feet walk like wind, running fast Powerful, work hard, sprinting, sports sprinting, the "sick man of East Asia" humiliation, sly, sent to the Pacific Ocean, to those robbers. A new Oriental giant, the dragon's successor, shines on the world stage, is strong and sturdy, and is full of vitality. The life expectancy of sesame blossoms is rising, from 35 years old in 1949 to 75 years old today, focusing the world on the light beam. It��s almost 70 years old. Health is a blessing. Without health, everything is superfluous. The famous saying of the Bible is: "There is no better wealth than health in the world, no greater happiness than inner happiness!" God always ranks health as the first, is the better and the greatest wealth, shows the importance of health, and it is important to have no Things can be compared, it is a high-spirited health lamp in life, it is a good guideline for determining whether life is good, and it is constantly playing an incomparable pyramid. Forever, the monumental life of Gorky is also said: "Health is something like gold." Life can have no gold. But it can't be without health; as long as health exists, why not for the days, naturally there is gold, with both hands and feet, rolling into your arms and becoming your slave, this is human nature, from self-goodness to God. Into the busy life, continually screened the birth of lazy people, once the lazy, the soup is hot, lying on the soup, eating sugar, lying on the floor, the fat will begin to grow up, the sub-health index stretches out, high blood pressure and high blood fat High uric acid "three highs" breeds Yu, they danced and laughed, and they were healthy and healthy. If you like someone, God will definitely be unhappy and sigh for the value of busy, dream space is very charming, chasing the sun and the moon stars, money wealth rights, high value, etc., love They are also tempted to enjoy the benefits every day. The data rises and falls quickly every day. Like the tides and tides of the big rivers, the tides are raging and violent, and the face is confused into a smile, and the pig liver is bloody. A stir-fry, easy to appetite and tidy so busy, I often do not understand, Carnegie that Gua, shouting in the heart of the words, cheering for the success of the struggle, moving the legs for the false name, for the unknown dreams Blood... In fact, he was once a loyal fan of his own, and he still has a heartless heart; who doesn��t want to struggle for success, doesn��t want to stand on the top of the mountain Cigarette Wholesalers, and let thousands of people worship, after all, lose their lives, unless they only become fools. Will stop stagnation, but we still need to stop and ask, why are you living? The essence of life is life, the other is just auxiliary work. ; Assistance is essential work, the life need assistance to complete. I will think about the charm of life and whirlwind, to work hard, to live for long live, to burn energy and sprint, and to be healthy. With healthy and happy capital, there is no disease to follow at three days, happiness songs sing loudly, and physical and mental health is pleasure and tolerance! All people. Healthy body and mind, nephews must understand, no matter how the world changes, the most important thing is to change yourself, others do not need you to change, they are changing their respective standards Marlboro Gold Cigarettes, God is fluttering, long-term, kite flying The high point is that you are delighted, seeking approval in the color and fascinating to lay down all the butcher's knives and become the Buddha. There are not many of you in the world, not many of you, the light of the sun, the light of the moon, the turn of the earth, the age of existence, there is almost no difference between them, but the stars can be transferred, the flow of people is transformed, and every one of them is lived among them. I have never heard of human extinction. If the earth dies, it will be one day to come. It is not that you can count the numbers and make a fuss in decision-making.
Laughing at the air blowing in the air, the little sister on the top of the mountain asked me to pick strawberries, red, green and sweet, biting a bit to ensure that the water was scented. From the smile of the mouth and the joyful color, the spring of life is sunny, smiles and smiles for ten years, and live on the 120th birthday. I hope that each of us can hit the fast-paced fashion space of Lucky God, and let people live and work. It��s too messy, it seems to be a spinning top, never trusting a minute; for the hypocritical slave, car slave, child slave, one slave life, pursuit, hard work, struggle, time and energy If there is a trace of time Newport 100S Price, the parents are too busy to be busy, exhausted, exhausted, and all kinds of chances can not be reduced, obesity, anxiety, insomnia, sleepy, early through the expenditure of life. There are even some unfortunate bastards who have not yet had time to enjoy life. If they pursue the moisturization, they will be exhausted and lost their lives. The health is long gone. It��s just like a flashing meteor stealing the air, can��t see a little happiness or let healthy wealth tell us Thank you, only grasp each other anytime, anywhere, wearing a crown and laughing, with physical health is the uncle, do not eat chow chow, as long as you live is the most beautiful. Don't know the importance of losing your health once you lie in the hospital bed; you can "get a lot of money, go for the big points" and the disease will make you feel like you are reborn Marlboro Cigarettes Website. Umbrella with a clear umbrella, full of hunger and cold; inside the prison Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping, freedom is good; buy insurance to prevent the future. The best way to talk about health is to cherish the possession of the body, to adhere to the food and clothing, to control the desire, to exercise the unremitting efforts, to be precious, to pay attention to it anytime, anywhere, not to be pity. In peacetime, when you lose, you know that the sun is very big outside the window, soaring to three. Sixteen degrees of high temperature, heat waves, people heat, heat heat, can be the greatest wealth in life, not afraid of being exposed to the sun, heat stroke is only a few things, or is it better to have physical health, happy in this wealth, let Changle � cigarettes Breaking through the sky, for a lot more to live on the annual rings, one day a month, one day, one minute, one second, the greatest wealth, the ultimate, to the end, rather than bend, unyielding
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