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Quiet bamboo fores
Quiet bamboo forest, sleeping in the stars of the night, the moonlight sprinkled the mood of soft water, slowly flowing in the pavilion of the solitary, the wind came quietly, the title came to the tea on the table, the cloud gently went Leave the smokeless fireworks on the surface of the pavilion, the gentle pavilion, pick up the lights and look at the memory of this flowing water. You are in the pavilion Cigarettes Types, the half-volume Danqing has a blurred outline; the silent pavilion, your figure Just in the pavilion, the moment of solidification became the pattern on the pavilion, a touch of moonlight faded into the shadow of the pavilion; the naughty pavilion, you come to a night, your pace has broken the moonlight, you can��t get rid of it. My dream is a pear flower falling in the pavilion, the water surface is full of sparkling moonlight, your favorite pavilion, beating the past of the piano, you smell the dark fragrance of the breeze, just in this pavilion, It became a poetry line; a ship's maple leaf red makeup disturbed the starlight in the pavilion, and it was on your shadow, like a star, you covered an ink poem Marlboro Cigarettes Website, and wrote a quiet pavilion in this pavilion. In the middle, it became a moment. Falling flowers and elegant, dotted with the poetic spirit of the stars, you are very elegant, turned to look at the Feihong of the North, you are under the pavilion, stepping on the pace of own fragrance, walking through the wind, passing through the rain, a gentle smile, decorated my Dream, your poem becomes a scene of dreams. It is a pavilion with a silent pavilion. The single lamp has lengthened its shadow. It is your handwriting on the paper. The flying flower leaves the pavilion with you, leaving the pavilion. More lonely, but retain your shadow, I dream of your favorite pavilion, holding your smile, and the reflection of the pavilion in the misty rain, watching the flowers more starry, watching the night more interesting Cheap Cigarette Cartons, I am Under the pavilion, Wenyi pot of white tea, guarding your fragrance, gently blending into the night of the worm, swaying the shadow of the pavilion, drifting on the fingertips with the wind, then the moonlight is heavy, the water kisses the flying insects, I am In the pavilion, I took off a piece of green bamboo and played the poem that belongs to you Newport Menthol Cigarettes. The pavilion looked back and stepped into my dream Wholesale Newports. The rain was so soft and gentle, kissing me. The wind was so smart and quietly stopped at me. I am dreaming of the pavilion, you tell the story of the pavilion in the pavilion, your arrival, and the wind in the pavilion Perhaps the nightingale flower sent the moon to the pavilion, you smiled slightly, swept the moonlight on the clothes, fingertips lightly on the water, broken the moon, sent to the Fanghua in the pavilion; I dreamed of you, the pavilion in your hand Listen to your story, your departure, take away the memories of the pavilion, and put the pavilion in the palm of your hand. As my dream fades in the pavilion in the clouds, you leave, put the moon like water, quiet At night, the sleeping flowers stayed in the pavilion, and I stayed in the pavilion; in the dream, you came, planted the favorite pavilion, the warm pavilion, the naughty pavilion in the dream, and you lived in it. In the dream.
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Forums > The Lobby > General > Quiet bamboo fores

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